"Beat Your Own to Frighten the Enemy": Georgian Maidan Snipers Set to Testify About Mass Shooting in Kiev

21 декабря 2017 13:26
In the Court of the Kiev Region, they agreed to question two Georgian citizens, Alexander Revazishvili and Koba Nergadze.

In the Court of the Kiev Region, they agreed to question two Georgian citizens, Alexander Revazishvili and Koba Nergadze. The ones who are famous for claiming to be Georgian Maidan snipers. They spilled the beans on how they worked as contractors during the hottest days of the Ukrainian coup.

They admit to being a part of Mikhail Saakashvili's so-called Sonderbrigades. They were in the Conservatory and Hotel Ukraine. The buildings from which, as it's well-known, they shot at the Berkut members. They opened fire at everyone and basically confessed to creating the provocations.


It was decided to talk to them as part of the investigation against five Berkut members, accused of the rioters' murders. The lawyer insisted on holding the questioning. But it'll be possible only in the video-conference format. They can't come personally. Anyway, there's at least progress, as well as the fact that in Europe, they began talking about foreign participants in the Maidan events.

After the loud movie of Italian journalist, Jan Mikalesin, Macedonia joined the discussion. That same Revazeshvili appeared on one of the most popular programs of local television.

Stanislav Berndvald watched the recording.

- Stanislav, welcome.

- Hello.

- Did you find anything new?

- I was impressed by the fact that the amount paid to the snipers wasn't that big. One more important point is that after Maidan, after that event, many of them had to flee.

Reportedly, the Ukrainian court is unlikely to consider the Georgian snipers' statements. There, they decided on the verdict long ago. But they won't be able to avoid listening to such confessions.

Horrible details of Maidanian Ukraine of 2014 are surfacing in new portions. For example, from the testimonies of the so-called Georgian contractors, it becomes clear that they were already preparing for Maidan as early as in March 2013, nine months before it actually began.

Alexander Revazishvili, 2013-2014 participant of the events in Kiev: "We flew to Kiev in late March. We flew from Tbilisi with our own passports. We arrived at the Kiev airport. We tried to figure out the purpose of the visit. We had to choose sniper positions. They said a coup was possible. That some unrest in Ukraine was possible".

According to Alexander Revazishvili, the contractors were hired by the so-called Georgian Legion commander, Mamuka Mumalishvili and Saakashvili's friend, Georgian parliament former deputy, Koba Khobadzi. During the two first trips, which took place in March and September of 2013, each group participant got as little as 500 dollars per trip. But there wasn't much work either. Terrain monitoring, firing positions selection. It became much more serious in January 2014.

Alexander Revazishvili: “Khobazi told us that we needed to immediately fly to Kiev because the Kiev events had already begun. That they needed our help there. That we needed to destabilize the situation. He promised to pay well for the trip. He gave us 1000 dollars in cash and said that after the trip, we'd get 5000 thousand dollars more”.

When the Maidan started, the Georgian group, which was staying in rented apartments not far from the city center, was moved to Maidan, to the Georgian tent. There, the coordinators assigned new tasks.

Alexander Revazishvili: “We had to throw stones and Molotov cocktails. We had to get the Berkut angry enough for them to start attacking people.”

As early as February 19, Georgian contractors were ordered to move to the Conservatory building. There, they were given weapons and assigned new tasks.

Alexander Revazishvili: “Sergey Pashinsky became the commander. Back then, he was an opposition member deputy and one of the main Maidan characters. Pashinsky ordered everyone in a loud voice to take positions. He told us to shoot without distinction. Both Berkut and rioters were to get hurt.”

Like this, literally. And the proverb "Beat your own to frighten the enemy" acquired a bloody Maidan sense.

The snipers fired from two spots — Ukraine Hotel and the conservatory. It was proven that they shot in short burst to kill. According to the contractor, he decided to make this confession to protect himself and his family. Over the two last years, many participants of that shooting died mysteriously. And he himself received direct threats many times.

Stanislav Bernvald told about the Maidan contractors