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"Buranovskiye Babushki" will perform 6th in the Final

Камиль Фаткуллин/Kamil Fatkullin
  • Евровидение-2012. "Бурановские бабушки". Россия выступит под номером 6/Eurovision 2012. "Buranovskiye Babushki"
    Евровидение-2012. "Бурановские бабушки". Россия выступит под номером 6/Eurovision 2012. "Buranovskiye Babushki"
    Камиль Фаткуллин/Kamil Fatkullin

At a semi-final winners press conference "Buranovskiye Babushki" was drawn to perform 6th in the Final.

Romania got number 14, which was the lucky number for "Buranovskiye Babushki" in the first semi-final. Moldova will be 26th, which caused a big reaction from journalists.

The singers from Iceland, which got number 7, thanked their fans for support.  The Hungarian delegation will be second in the Final, Denmark was drawn to perform 15th.

Albania will be 3rd.  The Cypriot singer, who received a marriage proposal from the photographer from Russia, will perform 8th, Ireland – 23rd.
Russia was second to the last in the draw. Grannie Galina opened the white envelope with number 6.

Galina Nikolaevna thanked everyone for their support, which was sometimes even too much. "Thank you everyone who voted for us, who supported us. It was very unusual when all people stood up in the hall. Journalists ask us many questions and we are very pleased. During our performance the audience was screaming so loudly that we even did not hear the music. I was afraid to sing”, - she said.

Galina Nikolaevna was asked about the competition with the Swedish singer Loreen in the Final. “I do not know anything about it”, - she answered.

After the press-conference the grannies went to their residence to rest, other contest participants and journalists headed to the Euroclub to celebrate victory in the semi-final.

Natalie Kiseleva, Vesti.Ru